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Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2012!

For those how are involved in end-of-year reporting calculations, I wish you successful working days with not too many unforeseeable interruptions and surprises…. For all the others, I wish you a few relaxing days and all the best for 2012! Best wishes, Andreas

How can I create a Matlab Class for generating a Stochastic Process for ThetaML?

Since version 2008a, the Matlab m-language is extended to include some object orientation. This object-oriented programming style allows reuse, inheritance, encapsulation, and reference behavior. Example The following m-code is a generic abstract class for implementing classes which generate processes accessible in ThetaML. The object following class generates a Geometric Brownian Motion. This process can be accessed in […]

How can I visualize my model data in an interactive webpage?

A brilliant website is the perfect example for user friendly interactive data visualization: Gapminder. This website presents statistical data about the countries of the world and how it changes in time. A user-friendly AJAX user interface allows you to get gain new insights exploring this data. They have done a great job. Google bought this […]

A Glimse at Chaos: How can I Implement a Logistic Growth Process in ThetaML?


One of the simple models which lead to chaos is the logistic growth process. Using ThetaML, a technology designed for modeling and analyzing stochastic processes, we can implement a very short logistic growth model and get more insight than usual. Logistic growth model Suppose, we insert a simple logistic model: This can be done in […]

How do I connect Java with MS Excel? Try Webservices with SOAP!

It is possible to connect Java and MS Excel using various technologies. Some of theses technologies include COM and DCOM wrappers like Groovy Scriptom,  or J-Interop. Or other direct addin solutions like XLLoop. In this article, we want to follow a different paths: Webservices with SOAP. This connection type is designed for the internet with […]