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Theta Proxy promises speed-up of MS Excel UDFs — How fast is it?

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Theta Proxy XL is a new product from my company Thetaris. It promises speed-ups of several orders of magnitude. Here, I present some benchmark results. These will help you to decide when to apply Theta Proxy XL and when to stay with plain MS Excel. Test Case 1: European Option VBA Monte-Carlo Code (2 free […]

What is a Good Design for a Pricing Library? Use a Payoff Description Language

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A good library design requires a separation of the functionality into modules with an appropriate API. The size of the modules is determined by the application. While for a simple trading application a good API might contain everything from fitting the stochastic processes to pricing an option under a single function, this is completely insufficient for assessing model […]

What would be the effect of the proposed transaction tax on Life Insurance Guarantees?

Under the current stress of the financial crisis, governments all over Europe discuss the introduction of a transaction tax for financial instruments. Especially, the German and French government propose a 0.1% tax on every equity trade and 0.01% tax on derivative instruments. This does not sound large, but what would happen to guarantees of life insurances, e.g. […]

What happens to Portfolio Protection (esp. CPPI) under Transaction Costs and Financial Transaction Tax?

One of the most popular portfolio protection trading strategies is the Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance (CPPI). This strategy maximizes the exposure in stock at each rebalancing time while  ensuring that the portfolio level never drops under the so-called floor. Modeling Financial Transaction Tax The currently proposed financial transaction tax is nothing else than a proportional […]