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Merry Christmas! And a happy new Year! Cats singing silent night….

Cat from Djingle cats video

Thank you all for the great feedback this year. Next year will be interesting with lots of new technology and more finance focus. I always hear that cats work best in the internet. So, here is a great cats Christmas song: Merry Christmas! And a happy new year! Andreas

GPU Computing News: Jacket is aquired by The MathWorks

Graphics Card

After benchmarking the GPU performance of Accelereyes Jacket and Matlab PCT, I found that Jacket pushes the limit to best performance much harder than PCT. Now, according to the Accelereyes Blog, The MathWorks took over Jacket. New Jacket licenses are not available any more. Consequently, for a moment, the only available options left for GPU […]

Early Exercise: Curse or Blessing

Many financial contracts come with the right of exercising a right prematurely. Such early exercise rights are a clear advantage for the option holder.┬áBut, these rights create optimal stopping problems for the contract parties. Is this really an advantage? In the following, I will show you a little example from my last shopping trip and […]