How can I get data from a website in my Excel/Matlab/R etc? Try Magic!

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Since I am always looking for new handy tools, I found a cool way scraping data from websites: “Magic” from Ltd.

import_io website

One-click data extraction

This service provides a simple one-click data extraction from websites to CSV. Also, you can generate a link (and API) under which the data updates automatically if the website has updated. You can then use the data e.g. in Google Docs or in your own website.

Data from Google finance

Data from Google finance: Hard to use in your analyses.


Data in a structured format which allows copy & paste to e.g. MS Excel.

Data scraped from google and reformated to a structured format which allows copy & paste to e.g. MS Excel.

If Magic does not deliver, what you expected to get – which rarely happened to me – provides other tools, which allow for better configuration. And the best of all is that it is all free.

Aggregation of data distributed over many pages goes even further than just converting a single webpage. They also provide a crawler, which detects the content you define on the whole website and aggregates the data into a single table. is an interesting start-up company was founded in 2012 and released its first beta end 2013. An interesting question is how will survive if they are giving their tools away “free for life”. But, I guess that with 4.3 mio GBP funding, they got sufficient funds for the next few years… 😉


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  1. Anthony FJ Garner

    Any use for Reuters or Bloomberg prices? Can it download DOHLCV and output to csv files? Assuming one has a subscription?

    • Andreas Grau

      I did not try it with Reuters or Bloomberg. But, the Desktop App can handle some sites with login. Maybe someone with a subscription can test and answer…

      • Anthony FJ Garner

        Hmm, thinking about it subscription Reuters comes with its own program rather than a simple web page. With enough effort one can of course automate the downloading of information from it and join the developers program…at extra cost. Naturally!

  2. joshuabayo

    To answer your questions, I use iXBRANALYST is better for this work. I can import any stock prices or historical data from 2009 into any devices. Also 15 days free trial.

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