MATLAB GPU toolbox: PCT, GPUMat and Jacket revisted

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In my last benchmark of the MATLAB GPU toolboxes, I compared PCT from The MathWorks, Jacket from Accelereyes and GPUMat from GPYou. I now updated theses results with new hardware and new some more optimized code.

Previously, we used a GeForce GTX 275. Now, we also use the GeForce GTX 520 Ti.

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On this hardware, the GPUMat dramatically improves: For large datasets, GPUMat on a GeForce GTX 520 Ti now almost as good as Jacket non-compiled. On the GTX 520 Ti, Matlab PCT improves (2x to 3x) while Accelereyes Jacket worsens (14x to 12x). But, Jacket is still the fastest GPU toolbox. For the complete report see the updated previous post on benchmarking MATLAB GPU toolboxes.

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  1. Ryan G

    I’m surprised a MATLAB monte carlo simulation did better on Jacket. I believe the PCT toolbox now supports gpu which may increase performance of that tool.

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